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Adaptogen Rituals

Posted by Shelly Elson on
Adaptogen Rituals

At Still we are continuously inspired by some incredible likeminded wellness brands from around the world as well as close to our salon in London. We believe that it is important to start each day with a daily ritual and routine of self-care, relaxation and focusing to feel the best we can feel and be the best we can be. The burning of incense, the ritual of bathing and wellness activities such as Yoga and Meditation are all part of this daily Still ritual. Another part of this is the daily ceremony of making tea from loose leaf tea and taking time to sit and enjoy this morning motion the think about the day ahead.

For the last few months we have been adding in to this ritual the beautiful Adaptogen extracts by Grown.

Grown is a health tonics brand that produces richly potent formula with therapeutic benefits. Adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms and extracts are the key ingredients to these interesting natural formulas. Each ingredient has therapeutic benefits that help the body to adapt to stressors (indicators that the body is under stresses from internal or external factors). They also help the body cope with common ailments and promote general wellbeing. As well as being good for in a variety of ways they all come in a sleek black glass bottle with laboratory style dropper to make application easy and quick. We like to follow Grown’s advice and ‘spike’ our morning tea with the Morning Adaptogen Energising and can definitely feel the benefits of including this in our daily ritual.

'We want to fit into your life, not you into ours.'


There are currently four formulas in the Grown range with Morning, Evening, Skin Tonic and Enhancing all having differing active formulas that will aid the body in different ways. Our favourite combination at the moment is the Morning Energising Adaptogen with a Japanse Matcha powder based tea with hot oat milk to create a home made Adaptogen Spiked Matcha Latte. Each morning after our Adaptogen Tea we apply our Regenerating Hand Balm to set us up for the day ahead.

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